A Comprehensive Guide to FHA Loans—What You Need to Know

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From what the name suggests, an FHA loan is a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). This can be issued by any supporting lender across the country, provided that they have been FHA-approved.  The FHA was established by the Congress in 1934, in an effort to aid lower-income households to successfully obtain mortgage […]

A Crash Course on Jumbo Loans – What You Need to Know

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The majority of properties qualify for conventional conforming loans. In most counties, or as determined by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the maximum amount for a conforming loan is $540,000.  Homes that exceed that value can only qualify for what is known as a jumbo loan, which is shorthand for a non-conforming conventional mortgage. […]

Cash-Out Refinance: Its Advantages & Disadvantages

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Life amidst the coronavirus pandemic has been frightening for everyone. Aside from hearing the steady increase of infected people on the news each day, seeing business operations shutting down and people losing their jobs can make you worry more about your financial stability.   Despite the poor economic activity, however, the good news is that […]

Should You Refinance Your Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

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As a homeowner, refinancing your mortgage can help you meet your financial goals. Even so, while this can be an excellent financial move, it also has drawbacks that could lead you to suffer from a never-ending debt.  If you are considering refinancing your home, then this guide is for you. You need to fully understand […]

COVID-19 Leads to Low Mortgage Rates

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly impacted almost every business sector, and its effect on the housing market and mortgage rates is no exception. While some industries have completely halted all business, and other sectors have become in the highest demand overnight, mortgage rates have taken a different path, one which looks more like a rollercoaster […]